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Edelgard Sprengel Biography

Born 1952 in Wanne-Eickel, Germany
Living in Herne, Germany

Since 2004, intensive debate with the abstract, free painting.

I work in various techniques and their combination, love bold colors, contrasts and textured surfaces that leave marks.
Using different materials and colors, this applied in free form and many layers, expressive images with harsh, some relief-like surfaces that seem to break.

Experimental use of materials and techniques is a significant driver of my work, which is again and again a creative challenge.

Inspiration sources are everyday occurences, dreams, values, politics, environment and water as a source of life.

Member of the Artists' League Herner `90 e.V.
Member of the Art Association Schollbrockhaus Herne


Solo exhibitions

2009 "Aufbruch" Hauptststelle der Sparkasse in Herne
2012 "Vielschichtig" Marienhospital Herne
2011 "Gelebte Träume" GEA Happel Herne
2009 "Aufbruch" Hauptstelle der Sparkasse Herne

Group exhibitions

2013 "Neue Perspektiven" Sodinger Bunker Herne (juriert)
"angeregt" Christuskirche Herne
"Family and Friends" GEA Group Bochum
"Das Beste zum Schluss", eh. Ostwallmuseum Dortmund (juriert)
"100 Jahre Rathaus" Herne
2012 "Family and Friends" GEA Group Bochum
2011 "Jahresausstellung HKB" Rathaus Herne
"Family and Friends" GEA Group Bochum
"Nachlese 2010" VHS Herne (juriert)
2010 "Wasser" Flottmannhallen Herne (juriert)
"Jahresausstellung HKB" Rathaus Herne
"Family and Friends" GEA Group Bochum
"Starke Orte" Sodinger Bunker Herne (juriert)
"Galerie Hagenring" in Hagen
2009 "Jahresausstellung HKB" Rathaus Herne
"Family and Friends" GEA Group Bochum
2005 "Kreative" Deutsche Telekom in Bochum

Phone: 00492325 34855 Mobil phone: 0049 171 7507812