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Paintboard a selection of new works

Christel Haag "Organic Dream", Painting

Christel Haag, Organic Dream, Abstract art, Nature, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Christine Steeb "Nach dem Regen", Painting

Christine Steeb, Nach dem Regen, Plants, Plants: Flowers, Abstract Art, Expressionism
LK "Ecken und Kanten", Painting

LK, Ecken und Kanten, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Uwe Thill "Travemünder Hafen 2019", Painting

Uwe Thill, Travemünder Hafen 2019, The world of work, Verkehr: Ship, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
karl dieter schaller "résurrection.v1", Art print

karl dieter schaller, résurrection.v1, Miscellaneous, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Monika Ostheimer "Stühle", Miscellaneous

Monika Ostheimer, Stühle, Abstract art, Abstract art, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Victor Koch "Stop thinking", Drawing

Victor Koch, Stop thinking, People: Women, Emotions: Joy, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Friedhard Meyer "Panta Rhei", Painting

Friedhard Meyer, Panta Rhei, Landscapes: Mountains, Fantasy, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Marion Bellebna "Natur abstrakt 35", Painting

Marion Bellebna, Natur abstrakt 35, Fantasy, Plants: Flowers, Non-Objectivism [Informel], Expressionism